Fruit Pickers

5 easy steps to get fruit

1. Click here to register as a volunteer fruit picker with Fruit Share Winnipeg (everyone who wants to pick fruit must do so for insurance purposes)

2. Once registered, you will get a weekly email with a listing of all possible fruit picks in Winnipeg during that time period

3. Select a pick that works for you (if you’re not available do not select any), and wait for an email confirming details and contact information

4. Gather necessary picking equipment, arrange for transportation, and meet your fellow volunteers at the fruit picking location

5. Pick the fruit!


Arrange a pick with your community group!

1. Register your group. Click here to register your group. Do NOT register above as a ‘regular’ fruit picker. We use a different process for group picks.

2. Get in touch with us. We need to confirm that the time and date you wish to pick as a group is possible based on the picks we have available to us.

3. Have all participants complete the waiver. Click here to download the waiver.

4. Arrange for transportation and equipment. Fruit Share can not assist with transportation, but we can loan you some equipment (we have a tall ladder and some apple pickers). Talk to us about picking up and returning the items you need.

5. Wait for a confirmation.Once you’ve sent us all the completed waivers in, we’ll confirm the pick with the fruit owner and get back to you. Once it’s confirmed, you’re ready to go!


Help us spread the word!

Download, print and distribute Fruit Share propaganda where you can!


Volunteer FAQ

Please… Do more than pick with Fruit Share

As a volunteer-led organization, we rely on the passions and hard work of many volunteers, throughout the year. For those interested in participating in more than the fruit picks, Fruit Share surely has a spot for your talents! Here is a list of other opportunities we always need help with. Contact us at for more information.

  • Poster + flyer distribution
  • General administration tasks
  • Baking + canning for fundraising events
  • Create blog posts for
  • Transport fruit for special events
  • Neighbourhood Team Leader
  • Working at public events
  • Marketing + promotions
  • Volunteer management
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Phone Buddy (Assist those without email)

*** Summer 2013 ***

We still need a few more serious fruit lovers to volunteer with us for the upcoming season:

Volunteer Coordination Team Lead

Grants Team Lead

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