A Nice Thank You

It was nice to hear a lovely Thank You message on the Fruit Share hotline (aka my phone) today from Micheal at Fred Tipping Place.  I don’t know Micheal, but he wanted to extend a hearty THANK YOU to all the Fruit Share volunteers and fruit owners for sharing fresh fruit with them.

Thanks Micheal for your appreciation, it makes our volunteer work that much more rewarding.

More Goodlands

Another great picking session this afternoon.  Thanks Stephanie!  We got about 180 pounds of big, delicious Goodland apples.

This time, we shared a box with seniors at Fred Tipping Place.  Douglas was one of several seniors who thoroughly enjoyed taking a few apples up to his apartment.

City TV also came out this afternoon to get some footage of us picking apples.  It will be aired on Tuesday, September 14 when my kids and I will be doing a Breakfast Television segment on Fruit Share for the Manitoba Association of Home Economists.  Stay tuned for more details.

Evans Cherries

Yeah, cherries!

Three of us picked some Evans Cherries (sour cherries) this evening.  Two trees yielded three 4 Litre pails in about 3/4 hour of picking.  Luckily, we just finished just before the rain.
Here’s a picture of Fernando, our newest volunteer, stretching to reach those cherries.
The cherries looked beautifully red and shiny – but they were very tart, as one curious neighbour discovered when she tasted one.  The expression on her face was priceless – as was her comment “You’re gonna need a lot of sugar for those!”
As always, we split our haul three ways between the homeowner, the volunteers and a community group.  In addition to the small batch of cherries and some recipes, we added some green, yellow and burgundy beans from the garden.  
When I arrived, there was a lot of interest in the beans but very little in the cherries – they all thought they were too sour.  I trust that word will get around and someone will find something delicious to make with them.
Stay tuned for what Aleta and Fernando decided to make with their cherries.

More Rhubarb

Thankfully, the rhubarb keeps on coming!  Thanks to Alastair for delivering 6 lbs of rhubarb today.  This batch will be going to some neighbours and to  Fred Tipping Place.

Still searching for what to do with your rhubarb?  How about substituting it in recipes that call for fresh or frozen cranberries.  

Turkey with rhubarb sauce?  Ok, it might not work for everything, but why not experiment and have a little fun.

We turned a cranberry banana loaf into a delicious rhubarb banana loaf this weekend.  Yum!