Start rescuing fruit in your community!

Starting a fruit rescuing group from square one can be pretty daunting. But it is not impossible!

To give you a head start, here’s some of our thoughts to common questions we get about How to Start A Fruit Share.

And, here’s our perspective on the pros and cons of a Self-Serve Fruit Rescuing Model like Fruit Connect.

Already busy rescuing fruit? We can help out!

As Fruit Share has grown from 10 to 689 volunteers and 20 to 118 harvests, we have tested various pick coordination models (spreadsheets, personal phone calls and emails, doodle polls and others) with great frustration and varying levels of success.

In 2016, with the development help of Tactica Interactive and the support of a grant from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)’s Community Investment Program, Fruit Share built Fruit Connect. Fruit Connect is a web based tool that connects fruit growers and fruit pickers to coordinate their own picks. The tool is user friendly and allows fruit owners and fruit pickers to manage fruit harvests without the interference of a middle man.

Here’s a brief introduction to Fruit Connect. If you think Fruit Connect could help your community harvest, share and enjoy surplus fruit, let’s talk!

Contact us anytime to get more information about Fruit Connect for your community.

4 thoughts on “Start a Fruit Share

  1. Would love to know about the possibility of a Fruit Connect for the Okanagan/Kelowna area in BC. There may already be one.

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