How to Become a Fruit Picker?

Want to pick fruit. Here’s how.

To pick fruit with Fruit Share, you need to sign up with Fruit Connect and pay a $10.75/year membership. This allows you to pick as many times throughout a season as you want.

Signing up with Fruit Connect is easy. There’s no need to download anything, you just need to have access to the internet – you can use any device.

The following is a step by step process to get you signed up.


Head to Fruit Connect – and hit Sign Up

sign up to Fruit Connect

Step 2

You’ll be taken to this screen where you can provide your basic information. subscribing as picker

Step 3

Subscribe for Unlimited Access so you can get details about picks – like the exact address. This is going to cost you $10.75 per year.


Step 4

When you hit the blue Subscribe button, you’ll be taken to the PayPal portal that looks like this. You can pay by credit card or PayPal account. Go ahead and follow all the prompts to become a paid member.


If you prefer not to pay electronically, you can send a cheque made out to the Manitoba Association of Home Economists at the following address.

Manitoba Association of Home Economists
Box 582
Station Main
Winnipeg, MB, R3C 2J3

Step 5

Once you’re all paid, go back to your Account settings and be sure to turn on notifications. Trust me, you’ll want to check this box so you get email notices when new fruit is available for picking. No need to check the website everyday – this notification will keep you in the loop. Just a heads up – when you get the notice, read it right away so you can get in on the action!

get notifications

You’re officially subscribed, now go ahead and browse the pick listings shown on Fruit Connect.

Step 4

Browse and choose your favorite pick(s).

choose a pick

Click on your preferred fruit and location to get more details. Click the blue ATTEND button.

hit Attend

That’s it – you are a fruit picker! Go get some fruit!

A Word About Your Membership Fee

Being a member costs $10.75 per year.

This fee helps pay for the insurance that protects you as a picker, our part time/casual summer staff,  maintenance of the system and general costs of operating Fruit Share.

While we don’t screen fruit owners and fruit pickers, it also ensures only serious users are on the system.

And it also lets you post any surplus fruits, veggies or herbs you might have- but this is not a requirement. You can pick fruit even if you have no fruit to share yourself.