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A Typical Pick – What to Expect From Start to Finish

Even after all these years, I still get a little nervous when I get a confirmation of a pick. Of course I’m excited about the thought of fresh, free fruit, but not knowing the homeowner or any of the other volunteers who signed up is a little unnerving. Going to a stranger’s house to meet strangers to pick someone else’s fruit feels a little odd – doesn’t it?

But while it may feel awkward at first, this is different. This is about helping a neighbour, meeting new people, rescuing fruit, and sharing with others. This is about building community and doing a good thing. So go on, ring that doorbell.

Wait, are you supposed to ring the doorbell on a pick?

Volunteer Interview – Ariel Gordon

Ariel Gordon sits under a tree by the community centre in Wolseley. Her energetic young daughter, Anna, bounces about like the Energizer Bunny in an animé t-shirt. I try not to fangirl too much as she graciously signs my copy of her latest book of poetry, Stowaways.

Ariel is a dedicated Fruit Share volunteer. She says she has been to almost every kind of pick – grapes, chokecherries, cherries, pears, vegetables (“that was astounding and different. You know how cucumbers become all orange and bloated when they’re overripe? It’s so funny! There were these weird orange globes on the ground.”), and of course lots of apples (“and crab apples!” her daughter chimes in). On picks, Anna is in charge of collecting the fallen fruit. She loves doing that because “you get to run around a lot.”

Letter to the Editor: Fruit Share Then & Now

Got your own Fruit Share story to share? Email your letter to us so we can publish it for you!


Dear Fruit Share Members,

In Spring 2010, with the help of a few friends and family, Fruit Share began rescuing surplus fruit growing in backyards in South Osborne. By the end of the summer, my phone was ringing non-stop. It was clear that Winnipeg loved the idea of rescuing and sharing fruit. It was also clear that I would not be able to manage the volume of calls on my own on my home phone.

The first Fruit Share Post May 2010

The first post on Fruit Share’s first blog – May 2010.