Fruit Owners

Thank you for sharing your fruit!

Our commitment to you is to post your harvest request with our volunteers. Whether your fruit is harvested is up to our volunteers’ availability.

The Process

Step 1 – Become a Member

Step 2 – Registering Your Fruit

Once you’ve become a member, you’ll receive instructions in your email to register with Fruit Share. Once you’re registered you’ll receive a welcome email including your personal Harvest Request Form link.

Step 3 – Requesting a Harvest

One or two weeks before your fruit is actually ready, we ask that you fill in your Harvest Request form with the specific details including date and time for when you would prefer volunteers harvest your fruit. Remember, most of our volunteers have day jobs, so evenings or weekends work best for them!

Step 4 – Sending the Notice of Picks to Volunteers

Once we receive your Harvest Request, we compile it with all the other requests we receive in a given week. We then send out a Notice of Picks to all our volunteers. Based on date, type of fruit and general location (shown by Postal Code) volunteers select which picks work for them.

Step 5 – Sending the Confirmation of Pick

After the volunteers select their picks, Fruit Share sends a confirmation notice to you and the volunteer pickers. This email includes contact information so that you and the confirmed volunteers (usually 2-5) can finalize any details and ensure the pick happens as planned.

You will also be notified if there are no volunteers signed up to pick your fruit.

Step 6 – Providing Post Harvest Information

After the pick, volunteers will be asked to complete a Post Harvest Information Form that provides feedback on the pick. This will include how much fruit was picked and where it was donated. This step is also your opportunity to provide any feedback you have about the process to Fruit Share.

Safety Considerations for Fruit Owners: Please read before scheduling a harvest.

Is my fruit ready?

Please read our Fruit Help section to help determine the ripeness of your fruit.

Still have questions?

Contact us directly at

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