Good Riddance Fruit Flies!

You may have noticed that these pesky bugs have returned with a vengence in the past few weeks! Fruit flies tend to build in population in the summer as harvest time approaches and they reproduce very rapidly. The flies are attracted to fermenting fruit and can smell the scent of ripeness from quite a distance.

overripe banana

Overripe banana

Did you know that fruit flies can travel up to 6.5 miles in a 24 hour period?

Fruit flies can be challenging to eliminate, but there are a few tips that can help to control them:

  • Store fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator as they approach ripeness
  • If you are noticing fruit flies, dispose of overripe or bruised/damaged fruit or vegetables

Apple Celebration

You are invited!

Fruit Share is hosting a country fair style celebration at the Osborne South Sidewalk Festival.
Join us and mingle with other fruit lovers! Free.

When: Saturday, August 25 from noon until 4:30 pm
Where: Fort Rouge Leisure Centre parking lot (625 Osborne Street)
What: There will be apple peeling, bobbing for apples, apple stamp painting, face painting, apple on a spoon racing, pin the stem on the apple… and a table selling apple cider from Fruit Share apples, baking and preserves. And a draw for a door prize!

Hope to see you there!

More cider picks this week!

We have 3 more apple extravaganza picks happening this week!

We’re looking to gather a group of 6 or 7 volunteers who can spend a morning, afternoon or evening together picking apples at a few sites. Volunteers will be welcome to take home a small bag of apples, but the majority will be dedicated to Fruit Share. We then have a few volunteers that have signed up to transport our apples out to Apple Junction, where they will collect until we have enough to make a great batch of fresh apple cider. The cider will be sold at events as a fundraiser for fruit share, starting with the Osborne South Sidewalk Festival, at which Fruit Share will be hosting a mini country fair! Volunteers who participate in the picks will be able to purchase cider at a reduced price (to be determined as it will be based on how much we can pick and press).