Fruit Help

Is my fruit ready to be picked?

Click fruits below for more on signs of ripeness



Yup, it’s ripe. I’ve got a lot of fruit!

Here are a stack of resources to help you fall in love with the mountain of fruit you’ve got!

Prairie Fruit is an excellent cookbook + resource written and researched by our very own Fruit Share founder, Getty Stewart.

Sharing the Harvest* includes everything homeowners need to know to harvest and share their fruit.

Sharing the Harvest in Winnipeg* is another version.

 * Thank you to the  Manitoba Alternative Food Research Alliance (MAFRA) and the Gwenyth Bailey Communications Award of the  Canadian Home Economics Foundation(CHEF) for the funding to develop Sharing the Harvest + Prairie Fruit.


Want to process your fruit at home?

Read this for some DIY guidance.


Too much fruit? Share it.

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