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Is my fruit ready to be picked?

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Yup, it’s ripe. I’ve got a lot of fruit!

Here are a stack of resources to help you fall in love with the mountain of fruit you’ve got!

Prairie Fruit is an excellent cookbook + resource written and researched by our very own Fruit Share founder, Getty Stewart.

Sharing the Harvest* includes everything homeowners need to know to harvest and share their fruit.

Sharing the Harvest in Winnipeg* is another version.

 * Thank you to the  Manitoba Alternative Food Research Alliance (MAFRA) and the Gwenyth Bailey Communications Award of the  Canadian Home Economics Foundation(CHEF) for the funding to develop Sharing the Harvest + Prairie Fruit.

Want to process your fruit at home?

Read this for some DIY guidance.


What to Do When Fruit Share Can’t Pick Your Fruit?

Yikes!  Yes, it’s true, there are times when our volunteers simply cannot pick your fruit.  Wondering what to do next?

The Sharing the Harvest resources has some ideas for you to consider.  Check it out:

Sharing the Harvest: Ideas for Canadians with Surplus Fruit

Too much fruit? Share it.

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