to our funders & partners!

We couldn’t do it without you!

We’re very grateful for your ongoing support and encouragement.


The Winnipeg Foundation

The Winnipeg Foundation understands that starting a new organization is not easy and takes time.  We are grateful that since 2011, they have provided start-up funding to hire a Summer Coordinator, develop an operations plan & manual and pay for operating costs such as insurance, computer program and website costs, picking supplies and equipment, promotional materials, etc.

The Assiniboine Credit Union

Our Community Education Program where we partner with community organizations to host workshops and educate the general public on prairie fruit is possible due to the financial support of the Assiniboine Credit Union Sustainable Community Grant.

Manitoba Alternative Food Research Alliance (MAFRA)

We’re eager to share what we’ve learned with other communities interested in starting Fruit Share chapters.  Funding from MAFRA gives us an opportunity to run a pilot project with Brandon and Steinbach so that we can create a “How To Toolkit” complete with templates, forms, tools and resources.

The United Way of Winnipeg

We’ve learned that coordinating and scheduling harvests can be a bit tricky!  A custom built, easy to use Harvest Management System is exactly what we need.  A grant from the United Way along with Fruit Share fundraising and support from the Winnipeg Foundation makes the development of this system possible.

Sponsors and Community Partners
Food Matters Manitoba

When you’re a loose group of volunteers without a charity designation or formal organizational structure behind you, it’s almost impossible to get funding.  Thanks to a partnership with Food Matters Manitoba, we’re able to access resources we couldn’t on our own.

 South Osborne Community Cooperative (SOCC)

SOCC is home to Fruit Share. In fact, Fruit Share is a program of the SOCC, they are our parent organization.  Like a parent, SOCC has been there from day one to support, encourage and help Fruit Share.

 IBEX Payroll

IBEX is a proud community company that is happy to support cool initiatives like Fruit Share, the Winnipeg Car Co-Op, SOCC and others.  For Fruit Share, IBEX offers meeting space, storage space, photocopying and hours of brainstorming with Head of the Herd, Darryl Stewart.

Please contact us at if you are interested in partnering with Fruit Share.

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