Sakura – Cherry Blossom

Aren’t they beautiful!  In established neighbourhoods across the prairies these wonderful pink blossoms are making their appearance.  They’ll only be here for a short time, so enjoy them while you can.  And, if you’re interested in harvesting cherries, make note of their location, because these lovely pink blossoms turn into delicious nanking cherries by the end of July.  But once the leaves come in, they’ll be hard to spot.


You’ll often see these 3-5 feet tall bushes as foundation plants or nestled amongst other bushes along property lines.   Like this…

Nanking cherries make the most amazing jelly and juices.  And if you’re really keen, even cherry clafoutis, pies or muffins.

A Garden Workshop in Steinbach

Fruit Share Steinbach is affiliated with a group called South Eastman Transition Initiative (SETI). This is the transition movement in Steinbach that focuses on growing and buying local, encouraging community, and sharing how to tread more lightly on our planet. Fruit Share as a program fits extremely well into our Transition group because Fruit Share focuses on picking local fruit and sharing it within the community.

SETI has regular monthly meetings on the fourth Thursday of every month. This month’s meeting has an organic gardening theme. I encourage you to join us and learn about:

  • Basic planting, weeding, and seeding techniques.
  • Sheet mulching instead of tilling sod to prepare you garden.
  • Companion planting, crop rotation, mulching, and green manure.

Enter to Win – Power of Positive

Fruit Share’s story will be one of the stories shared at The Power of Positive.  Why?  Because sharing and caring is a sure way to capture the power of positive.

And now, you have a chance to win a ticket to The Power of Positive – an event for women that promises to recharge, reconnect and relax you.

Simply comment on this post with one idea of how you stay positive and your name will be entered to win a complimentary ticket to this one day event held on Saturday, April 28 from 9:00 am to 4:30pm at the Prairie Theatre Exchange.  Tickets are $99.  The draw will be made from all entries received on Wednesday, April 25.

The Power of Positive will allow you to …

Spring 2012 Newsletter

Fruit trees across the city are starting to blossom, a sure sign that spring is here!  It’s time to gear up for Fruit Share 2012.

All registered fruit owners and volunteers of Fruit Share can expect to receive a copy of our Spring Newsletter in their email this week.  It’s filled with stats from last year and plans for the upcoming season.

You can view the newsletter here Spring 2012 Newsletter.

I can’t wait to see how much fruit we’ll harvest this year.

Will we reach 9,500lbs of fruit???


On a Positive Note

I am thrilled to be part of The Power of Positive presented by the Happy Monkey Club  on Saturday, April 28, 2012.  I’ll be sharing the story of Fruit Share and how the spirit of sharing and doing good things for others helps build a positive spirit.

I believe in the power of positive – that being positive and optimistic leads to a happier, healthier and more successful life.  Actually, is there anyone that believes their life would be better if they were more negative, skeptical, or pessimistic?

Of course, being positive is not always easy.  The stress and challenges of everyday life can take their toll on even the most positive people.  That’s why, it’s good to get a little reminder, some inspiration and some new ideas once in a while.

Fruit Share in Steinbach!

It was so exciting to hear about Fruit Share at the Grow Local Conference in February. I love how Fruit Share develops community, harvests local fruit and donates fruit to those who can’t pick it themselves. I just knew that those of us living in Steinbach could benefit just as those in Winnipeg have! I contacted Getty to discuss adding Steinbach as another Fruit Share location. Together we had a very excited conversation that started it all off!

Happy Earth Day!

Let’s face it, Earth is amazing.  This little orb in the sky enables us to survive and thrive.

Earth Day is our opportunity to reflect on this precious blue/green gem and to consider how we can show it the love and respect it deserves from all of us.

Fruit Share will be celebrating with Sustainable South Osborne at Organza Market on Sunday, April 22.  Here’s all the details:

To celebrate this year’s Earth Day, Sustainable South Osborne has organized another great FREE Community Conversation event on ‘Youth and Sustainability,’ featuring a great panel and a screening of “Grow” (
Time & Date: Sunday, April 22nd, 2:30 – 5:00PM
Location: Organza Natural and Organic Market in Winnipeg
(230 Osborne Street at Confusion Corner)

Strawberry Spinach Salad for Easter Dinner

Nothing says spring time like a fresh strawberry spinach salad.  Here’s a straight forward version that will complement any dinner.

Another amazing recipe from the new Prairie Fruit Cookbook.

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Yield: Makes 4 servings

Strawberry Spinach Salad

A perfect recipe to showcase the first strawberries and spinach of the season. To make a more meal-like salad, consider adding chevre, red onions, avocado or chicken strips.


  • 8 cups Spinach
  • 2 cups Strawberries, sliced
  • ½ cup Toasted Almonds, sliced
  • Vinaigrette
  • ½ cup Olive Oil
  • 3 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
  • 2 tsp Dijon Mustard
  • 1 tbsp Strawberry Jam
  • to taste Salt
  • to taste Pepper


Fruit Share at Gardening Saturday

It was wonderful to meet so many gardening enthusiasts at Gardening Saturday this weekend.

Fruit Share had a booth that introduced many visitors to our fruit rescuing efforts throughout the city.  I know we’ll get a few more volunteers and homeowners signed up after this great event.

We also had an opportunity to showcase the Prairie Fruit Cookbook for the very first time.  It received great reviews and many people picked up a copy – I even autographed a few.