Sakura – Cherry Blossom

Aren’t they beautiful!  In established neighbourhoods across the prairies these wonderful pink blossoms are making their appearance.  They’ll only be here for a short time, so enjoy them while you can.  And, if you’re interested in harvesting cherries, make note of their location, because these lovely pink blossoms turn into delicious nanking cherries by the end of July.  But once the leaves come in, they’ll be hard to spot.


You’ll often see these 3-5 feet tall bushes as foundation plants or nestled amongst other bushes along property lines.   Like this…

Nanking cherries make the most amazing jelly and juices.  And if you’re really keen, even cherry clafoutis, pies or muffins.

Also in bloom right now are apricots and some ornamentals.  Most apples will blossom in a couple of weeks.