Fruit Share at Gardening Saturday

It was wonderful to meet so many gardening enthusiasts at Gardening Saturday this weekend.

Fruit Share had a booth that introduced many visitors to our fruit rescuing efforts throughout the city.  I know we’ll get a few more volunteers and homeowners signed up after this great event.

We also had an opportunity to showcase the Prairie Fruit Cookbook for the very first time.  It received great reviews and many people picked up a copy – I even autographed a few.

Meeting our fellow displayers was equally fun.  On one side we met Sheryl and Hermann from Nature’s Farm and learned about their eggs and noodles – great products, great people.  On the other side, we met Jean-Guy Cote and his mom Rita Cote of John Boy Farms – more great people and great products.  Of note to Fruit Share fans, John Boy Farms, in addition to offering amazing produce, is also the new owner of Apple Junction.  Check out their page on Manitoba Apple Cider to see what they’re doing with delicious, juicy Manitoba apples.  They even offer fundraising using apple cider – a yummy alternative to chocolate bars.  I know we’ll be talking to Jean-Guy more this summer as we head into apple season.

The room was filled with great displays that drew lots of visitors.  The main display hall and hallways had even more displays and crowds were so thick at times it was hard to move.  It just goes to show how excited and interested people are about gardening.

Thank you to the organizers for a great day.