WANTED – Food Charities

We’re looking for organizations that accept perishable food donations to share our fruit with and to feature in our “Guide to Backyard Fruit”.

Fruit Share is expanding into six new neighbourhoods this summer.  That means we’re going to have a lot more fruit to share.  It also means we can help provide fresh, local, nutritious food to some of the 58,000 Manitobans that use food banks each month. 

But, no matter how big Fruit Share gets, we know Fruit Share volunteers will never be able to pick it all.  We also know that Winnipeg homeowners hate to see their fruit go to waste.  So, we’re also producing a “Guide to Backyard Fruit” that will help homeowners identify what’s growing in their backyards, how to use it and what to do with any left over fruit.  This guide will include a listing of as many organizations in Winnipeg that accept fresh fruit as possible.  Hence, the call for Food Charities.

Our goal is to avoid this…

33 bags of apples headed to the landfill
And do much more of this…
Dropping rhubarb at Siloam Mission

Please help us build our database of food charities.  We’ve already approached the organizations we donated to last year (Agape, Siloam, Wpg Harvest, Teen Challenge, and Sisters of Charity) but are interested in hearing about others.  All organizations have to do is complete this Food Charity Registration Form.

Thanks for spreading the word.