Spotlight: North End Food Security Network (NEFSN)

The North End Food Security Network (NEFSN) is one of the non-profit organizations you can share your fruit with this season. I had the opportunity to speak with Melissa and Tressa, the NEFSN Coordinators, about what NEFSN does and how the work they are doing benefits the North End community.

What is the NEFSN?

The North End Food Security Network has established a network in the North End of Winnipeg that is able to provide education and resources to all residents, with the ultimate goal of creating a stronger, more sustainable and equitable food system.

What types of programs do you have?

  • The Main Street Farmers Market

Every Friday July 8– Sept 16, 2016 in the Neechi Commons parking lot (865 Main Street) from 12:00-5:00pm.

Calling all interested vendors (Farmers, Bakers, and Crafters are welcome to join).

  • Indoor Food Market

Child Tax day on the 20th of every month. Next indoor market is July 20th at the Indigenous Family Centre (470 Selkirk Avenue). 12:30pm until sold out.

Bring a bag and fill it with fresh fruits and vegetables for only $10.

  • Gardening Workshops

Workshops cover topics such as planting, canning, container, seeding, harvesting, and composting.

  • Variety of Cooking Classes

Examples of cooking classes include plant based, parent skills, baby food making, Laura’s evening, newcomer and indigenous, and diabetes workshops.

  • North End Grocery Shuttle

Every Thursday, NEFSN is providing a free ride to the grocery store for North End residents. Participants will be picked up, taken to a grocery store and dropped off at several different pick up locations after shopping.

What is the impact of your programs on the community?

NEFSN’s vision is to have a community where there is nutritious, safe and culturally appropriate food available to all people, access to local food production, adequate and appropriate knowledge of healthy food choices and ongoing care and improvement of the environment.

The programs provided by NEFSN are stepping stones in reaching this vision and by working together as a community it becomes more and more of a reality!
Contact Information

North End Food Security Network

Healthy Food for Everyone!

509 Selkirk Avenue

Winnipeg, MB

Phone. 204-927-2342 Fax. 204-582-2801;


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Donations Accepted

Almost all types of fruit such as apples, crab apples, berries, rhubarb etc.

Donation Logistics

When: Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Please phone or email to let them know what type and what quantity of fruit you are donating.


You can donate the harvest from your picks to organizations like the North End Food Security Network by joining Fruit Connect and signing up for a membership.