More cider picks this week!

We have 3 more apple extravaganza picks happening this week!

We’re looking to gather a group of 6 or 7 volunteers who can spend a morning, afternoon or evening together picking apples at a few sites. Volunteers will be welcome to take home a small bag of apples, but the majority will be dedicated to Fruit Share. We then have a few volunteers that have signed up to transport our apples out to Apple Junction, where they will collect until we have enough to make a great batch of fresh apple cider. The cider will be sold at events as a fundraiser for fruit share, starting with the Osborne South Sidewalk Festival, at which Fruit Share will be hosting a mini country fair! Volunteers who participate in the picks will be able to purchase cider at a reduced price (to be determined as it will be based on how much we can pick and press).

Click on the link to sign up:

Tuesday, August 21, 1-4 pm, R2J & R2M
Wednesday, August 22, 6-8 pm R2G

Thursday, August 23, 9 am-12 pm R3K & R3J

***Please make sure you are registered as a volunteer if you are planning on coming out***

Please indicate on the doodle if you’d be interested in being a ‘team leader’ for the extravaganza you sign up for. This would mean being the main liaison with me back at the office, directing the group from location to location, and organizing the pickup with our volunteer driver.

Short notice again, so we’ll work with what we have. We’d like this to be an opportunity to build our Fruit Share community by getting together and working on something bigger. Volunteers who sign up will be provided with more information.

Also – for folks doing regular picks this week, Fruit Share can be an option of a community group to donate 1/3 of your pick to. If you can get it to me, I’ll get it to the drivers that are doing the pick ups.