Are your apples ready to be picked?

We have been receiving lots of questions this week from Fruit Owners who are unsure if their apples are ripe. Our extra warm weather seems to be throwing off our typical growing season! Hopefully this post will help you to be able to tell if you should be putting in a Harvest Request soon. Because we typically only go to a homeowner’s once to pick apples, we like to pick them when the majority are ripe.

Many people assume that because apples are starting to fall, that the whole apple tree is ripe and ready for picking.  That’s actually not true. Apples ripen at different stages and some apples will always fall off early in the season. That usually means some will be have dropped by the time we get to them.

New Summer Coordinator

Hi Everyone,

My name is Anna Levin, and I am writing to introduce myself as this year’s Fruit Share Summer Coordinator.  Today is my first day in the position, and I am looking forward to a busy and fruit-filled summer and fall! I am passionate about food security issues, the promotion of local food consumption, and sharing knowledge to better use what we have, and I am excited to put these values into action in my work with Fruit Share.

Me in a very un-prairie locale!