A Fruit Share Harvest

Hope you enjoy this picture tour of a Fruit Share harvest.

Gather supplies, wear proper footwear and ensure proper sun protection.

Make your way to the pick site in style!

Begin the harvest.

Chop off leaves and compost whatever needs composting – either at the homeowners (with permission) or at home.

Have fun!

Get to know and enjoy the company of your fellow pickers.

Combine all the fruit, estimate the amount and decide how to split it and where to take the donation. We had 115 pounds!

Summer Coordinator – Contract Position with Fruit Share

Thank you to the Winnipeg Foundation and Food Matters Manitoba for once again supporting Fruit Share in its efforts to rescue and share surplus fruit in Manitoba.  Funding from The Winnipeg Foundation will allow us to continue to grow Fruit Share while also improving our systems and structures to enable us to operate efficiently and effectively with volunteers in future years.  The administrative and promotional support from Food Matters gives us the confidence and ability to move forward.  Knowing we have both these organizations behind us gives us a boost of energy and confidence.  THANK YOU!!

Haskap Berries are Almost Ripe!

What are haskap berries you may ask?

Haskap berries, a.k.a. honey berries or blue honeysuckles, are a dark blue berry (just like blueberries) that are oblong in shape.   Haskap’s are gaining popularity due to their hardiness and nutritional benefits. Coming from Japan and Russia, different haskap varieties are now being developed at the University of Saskatchewan. Already there are at least 5 different varieties available in local nurseries and greenhouses.

Haskaps are extremely hardy, ranking in at zone 2. Plants can over winter in temperatures as low as  -45 degrees Celsius. The flowers are hardy down to -7 degrees Celsius which comes in handy because they flower very early. Fruit is harvested mid-June, delightfully early compared to other fruits available in our zone.

Steinbach’s First Pick!

A very generous neighbour asked Fruit Share to harvest his rhubarb. We were able to pick about 20lbs of rhubarb from his three plants.  1/3 went to Southeast Helping Hands, Steinbach’s local food bank. The donation was well received and will be available next week during the Foodbank’s pick-up day.

A great start to Steinbach’s first Fruit Share season!

Thank you!

Cai, helping to pick rhubarb.