Microwave Apple Crisp for One

It’s 1:30pm and after writing several articles on tasty, delicious Manitoba fruit, I’ve got a huge craving for apple crisp. I’m home alone, and I just can’t wait until everyone comes home tonight.


It’s time to whip up a nice little serving of Apple Crisp for One.

Microwave Apple Crisp for One
1 apple
1/2 tbsp all-purpose flour
2 tbsp homemade granola or rolled oats
1/2 tbsp brown sugar
1/8 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp butter – melted

Core, peel and thinly slice apple.
Place apple slices in a small microwave safe dish.

In a separate bowl combine dry ingredients.
Pour melted butter over dry ingredients.
Pour crumbly mixture on top of apples.
Microwave on high power for 2 minutes or until apples are tender.
Top with a small scoop of ice cream.

New Logo and URL

I’m so excited to share our new logo and URL with you.  Check it out and tell everyone that it’s easier than ever to find us online….

Thanks to MAFRA for believing in us and supporting us with funding.  Thanks to 6P Marketing for turning our ideas into reality.

Guide to Backyard Fruit – Coming Soon!

It’s official!  Fruit Share received funding through the Manitoba Alternative Food Research Alliance (MAFRA) to develop an online Guide to Backyard Fruit. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I’m thrilled they chose to fund the guide.  Here’s what’s going to be included in the guide:

Identifying Manitoba Fruit
o   pictures, descriptions and illustrations to help homeowners identify what’s in their backyard
o   particularly useful to new homeowners and new Manitobans
Recipes for Manitoba Fruit
o   recipes for enjoying local fruit
o   a minimum of 2 recipes for using for backyard Manitoba fruit (eg. Rhubarb, cherries, apples, crab apples, and grapes – not including U-Pick type fruits which are already well described by the Prairie Fruit Growers Association)
o   links to other organizations and sources of recipes (e.g. PFGA)
Preserving Manitoba Fruit
o   complete how-to instructions for preserving backyard Manitoba fruit
o   a minimum of 2 preserving techniques for backyard Manitoba fruit
o   links to other organizations and sources of preserving techniques
Harvesting Options
o   complete listing of organizations/groups who help harvesting fruit ( eg.Fruit Share, neighbourhood associations, Hutterite colonies, etc.)
Sharing Options
o   complete listing of organizations that will accept fruit and any specific criteria that must be met (eg. Agape Table, Siloam Mission, Winnipeg Harvest, Teen Challenge, etc.)
If you have recipes, preserving techniques, contact names or any other information that would be useful for the guide, please let email me at info@fruitshare.ca
We’re still waiting to see if we get funding for a printed edition of the guide book as well.  We’ll keep you posted.