Biggest Harvest to Date recorded by Free Press

Today, we gathered 28 lbs of rhubarb from 5 different back yards.  What a haul!  The fruit owners, volunteers and Siloam Mission were equally thrilled.

To make a great day even more special, journalist Melissa Martin and photographer Ken Gigliotti stopped by to write an article on Fruit Share for the Winnipeg Free Press.  See if you can be one of the first to spot a glimpse of some of our volunteers in action in the Free Press sometime this week.

Thanks to all the great Riverview volunteers and homeowners who made today possible.

Another Happy Fruit Owner and Volunteer Picker

Fruit Share really works!  
Earlier this week, Beth and Aleta, who live a mere four blocks away from each other but don’t know each other, read about Fruit Share in the Riverview Reflector.  Each contacted Fruit Share – one to register as a fruit owner and one to register as a volunteer picker.  Three days later, Beth welcomed us into her yard to harvest her rhubarb and Aleta went home with a bundle of freshly picked rhubarb.  Both were happy.
Thank you to both Beth and Aleta for making Fruit Share work.

Rhubarb In the News

An announcement in the Reflector (our community newspaper) is resulting in a bit of interest in Fruit Share.  We have new volunteers and more rhubarb registered.  How exciting!

Also, the Free Press is looking at running a story sometime next week.  Watch for it and tell your neighbours.
We’re also getting some other fruit registered. Apples, grapes, nanking cherries and even pears are on our list for the summer.
My mouth is watering!