Fruit Connect Launch

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Last night Fruit Share took over Fools & Horses Coffee to celebrate the launch of Fruit Connect. There were drinks from Fools & Horses Coffee and delicious snacks provided by the Fruit Share Team. It was a great opportunity to meet the community, other Fruit Share members,  and start connecting Fruit Owners and Fruit Pickers. The Fruit Share team had a blast demonstrating how Fruit Connect works and answering questions that new users had. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by, you can take a look at what happened below. 


Getty Stewart spoke about the origins of Fruit Share and why Fruit Connect was developed. Getty was inspired to start Fruit Share in 2010 when she noticed local fruit rotting on trees and going to waste. She read about other volunteer fruit rescuing operations across the country and decided it was time to take action. As the initiative grew over the years, Fruit Share felt that a new system was needed to help make it easy for fruit owners and fruit pickers to connect. With the support of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) through their Community Investment Program and Tactica, Fruit Connect was developed. Fruit Connect is the first system of its kind and our goal is that it will help members harvest and share more fruit in the future.



Jenna Feldman is the Community Relations Manager who manages the Community Investment Program at CIRA. She came in from Ottawa to speak a bit more about what the Community Investment Program is. Through the program, CIRA is able to fund innovative community initiatives to help build a better online Canada.

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Fruit Share had new merchandise to display! Fruit Share T-Shirts and the Prairie Fruit Cookbook were being sold for $25. If you didn’t get a chance to come out but want some merchandise, you can email with your request.

Thank you to everybody who made it out to our launch event. We had a great time. A special thank you goes out to our wonderful hosts Fools & Horses Coffee and the entire Fruit Share team for making it happen!