Fruit Share receives Assiniboine Credit Union Grant

We love teaching people all about fruit, how to take care of it, pick it, preserve it, cook with it and bake with it. In fact fruit promotion and education is right up there withour love ofeating, picking and sharing fruit!


That’s why we’re super excited to once again receive a grant from the Assiniboine Credit Union to help us facilitate workshops and events that will help us increase awareness of our local fruit and what to do with it.

Camille Metcalfe of PegCityJams has led many of our workshops over the last couple of years and will be at it again this season. Camille has a creative flair in the kitchen and gets groups making chai crab apple jelly, fruit ice cream, fruit soda syrups and amazing baked goodies.

Fruit Share receives CIRA Grant for Fruit Connection System

Over the last five years, we’ve been listening, observing and jotting down comments, suggestions and ideas for a moreeffective, efficient, affordable way to access and share surplus fruit. We combined these ideas with our own experiences and created a wish list that looked a little like this.

What if…

  • there were an easier way to connect fruit owners with fruit pickers?
  • there were a dynamic map showing all fruit available for picking?
  • fruit owners could have more control over posting their fruit?
  • fruit pickers could see what fruit was available for picking anytime, anywhere?
  • fruit owners and pickers could connect on their own as needed?
  • organizations who accept fruit donations could post their location and details on that same map?

Another Spring Fling Prize Pack

FS prizes 2

* * *

Fruit Share Manitoba would like to extend our thanks to the following Spring Fling prize pack sponsors (clockwise from top left):

Long time Fruit Share picking volunteer and fan Sew Dandee is donating a prize pack!

Thanks to Manitoba Chicken for supporting the Spring Fling with a beautiful cookbook from Great Tastes of Manitoba.

We needed a POPP of chocolate in our assortment of awesome door prizes so Constance Popp Chocolates donated this prize pack: a box of gorgeous fruit-infused chocolate truffles. There’s even a rhubarb one!

Spring Fling Prize Packs!

FS prizes 1

* * *

Fruit Share Manitoba would like to extend our thanks to the following Spring Fling prize pack sponsors (clockwise from top left):

Manitoba Canola Growers donated this backpack filled with recipes, cool cooking tools and a pretty snazzy apron.

The U of M Press jumped in with a great bundle of books, including Forest Prairie Edge by Merle Massie, Growing Resistance by Emily Eaton, and Winnipeg Beach by Dale Barbour.

Looking for a new do for this year’s fruit season? Salon POP has donated a complimentary cut, colour and follow up visit with Carrie and some Aveda hair products.

Interview with Erin Crampton & an Apple Cider Press

Visit the Fruit Share website for more great blog posts.

Erin Crampton is the owner and chief instigator of Crampton’s Market, whose tagline is “We sell good food to nice people.” I recently had the opportunity to chat with Erin about her latest venture, an apple cider press.

Crampton's Market Wpg

Where does this passion for local food come from? Erin laughs at the big question. She grew up on a farm outside Notre-Dame-des-Lourdes, where her parents ran a mixed cow-calf operation, raised grain, strawberries, raspberries and saskatoons, and because they weren’t busy enough, started making jam in their commercially licensed kitchen.

So Erin comes from an entrepreneurial, agricultural spirit and knew lots of people in that realm.

What’s the Buzz about Fruit Share?

Welcome to new friends and familiar ones! We are looking forward to the 2014 season ahead. In the meantime, we thought this would be a great opportunity to share more information about the organization and what we are about.


The Back Story

The revolution began in the spring of 2010. Frustrated with fresh, local, nutritious fruit going to waste, and the desire to help others, Getty Stewart started Fruit Share in her South Osborne neighborhood. The inspiration to create Fruit Share came to Getty after reading an article about volunteer fruit rescuing operations in cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, and Victoria. During the first summer, 10 volunteers harvested over 1,600 pounds of fruit at 20 picks and calls started to come in from all over Winnipeg. By the second year, Fruit Share grew to a stunning 201 volunteers harvesting over 7,300 pounds of fruit from 153 registered fruit owners.

Spotlight on The Laurel Centre

The Laurel Centre provides individual and group counselling to women whose lives have been impacted by childhood sexual abuse.  We recognize addictions and other compulsive coping behaviours, as long term consequences of unresolved trauma.

Contact Info

Street Address: 104 Rosyln Road
Phone: (204) 783-5460

Donations Accepted
Fruit, other food items and non-food items.

Donation Logistics
When: Mondays and Tuesdays
Where: 104 Roslyn Road

Pie, Pie and More Pie

In an effort to raise funds for our ongoing operations (we need about $10,000/yr) Fruit Share held a pie and cider sale this fall. And of course, we opted to make the pies from scratch with apples and pumpkins rescued by Fruit Share. We were pleasantly surprised by the tremendous support we received from you and all of Winnipeg! We sold 200 pies and endless jugs of cider. Making all those pies was pretty intense but with the help of some very dedicated volunteers we succeeded and ended up raising about $1,300.

A big thanks for the product donations and financial support of Controlled Air, Poco Razz Farms, Sobey’s, RedPath Sugar and Prairie Flour Mills.  Another big thanks goes to Jeanine Friesen of The Baking Beauties for making our gluten free pies and to IBEX Payroll for their ongoing administrative support.

Pickin’ In the Rain

Article by Emma Gehrs-Whyte, Cafe Supervisor at Sam’s Place.

sams_apple_pickersOn Sunday, August 4, a group of staff and volunteers from Sam’s Place headed out to pick crab apples.

Sam’s Place is a café, used bookstore, and music performance venue located at 159 Henderson Highway. A program of Mennonite Central Committee, Sam’s is a unique business in the Elmwood community, fostering an environment of—as we like to say—“coffee, culture, and conversation”. One of our core values is sustainable, healthy, and affordable food choices: we use local and organic meat, veggies, flour, and grain products in the sandwiches, soups, salads, and baking on our menu. Our organization is kept alive and interesting by countless hours of volunteer service. To celebrate our extraordinary volunteer community, we wanted to organize a special event for our youth volunteers to bond and have some fun.

Happenings at Fruit Share Brandon

What a busy season ahead for Fruit Share Brandon! While the chapter is relatively new to the area, there has been terrific progress in spreading the word via local and social media. I had the opportunity to connect with Tanis Brown-Birch from Fruit Share Brandon this week about happenings this summer.


  • Announcement in the Brandon Sun (May 15th)
  • Radio interview on Bill Turner’s Feedback CKLQ 880 (May 27th)
  • Interview with the Westman Journal (June 7th)

Social Media Info:

By the Numbers…

  • Volunteers: 27 have signed up in the city of Brandon to date

Thank You United Way!

Remember last summer?  I know, it’s hard to think of those hot sunny days  when the snow is 15 feet deep (maybe I’m exaggerating a bit!).  Think back to all that fruit that was available for picking.  Think back to the chaos surrounding the scheduling of those harvests.  It was nasty – we know and we’re sorry.  Together, we did the best we could and we survived.  Actually, we did more than survive – we rescued and shared over 10,000 lbs of fruit.  We did awesome.

Now imagine doing all that good work and not getting frustrated in the process!  Imagine a harvest management system that works and makes registering, scheduling, confirming and reporting on  harvests super easy, consistent and reliable.  Wouldn’t it be a dream.  Well, thanks to the support of the United Way Winnipeg’s Organizational Development Fund, our dream is about to come true!

Take the DIG IN Challenge!

Fruit Share enthusiasts… we invite you

to take The Challenge

Wish you had time for healthy, local, and fair food in your busy life? The Dig In Challenge is your guide to connect with great farmers, cook from scratch, get things growing, enjoy family meals with meaning, store the harvest, and get more out of life with less!

Step by step. Week by week. The Dig In program will help you sort through the fact and the fiction, and you’ll get the tools and support you need to kickstart your journey. Are you up for it?

The sign-up form for individuals can be found here.
And they also have a special Dig In Challenge for Workplaces page here.