Share Seeds – Spread the Love!


The following is a message from Jeff Shwaluk. If you would like to help him with his mission, contact him at

Hello, I own a couple of properties and currently only have raspberries that I transplanted from my hometown farm. I planted them at the front fence for everybody walking by to help themselves.

They all love them so much but they spread so slowly and I was hoping to expand into a wide variety of non-GMO local fruits. I could plant them at edge of properties where people in need could help themselves.

I was wondering if you could save me some left over seeds of each type of local fruit when making juices/jams etc? This would help me expand my ability to help provide a wider variety of foods to those in need faster and hopefully reduce strain on foodbanks during harvest months in the process.

I mainly want stuff that doesn’t need to be replanted each year as I do everything myself and am very busy as it is. Any help greatly appreciated, -Jeff Shwaluk