Teen Challenge

Here’s another worthwhile organization to consider for making food donations.

Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge is a 12-month, faith-based, residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. The program has a strong faith-based approach and offers spiritual, academic and vocational training that helps equip individuals to return to society as responsible citizens.

Teen Challenge uses donated fruit to prepare meals, fill food hampers, share with other organizations, and process for future use.

Contact Information:
Street Address: 414 Edmonton
Phone: 949-9484 ext. 2011
Website: www.teenchallenge.mb.ca

Donations Accepted
Apples, apricots, berries, crab apples, grapes, rhubarb, sour cherries, plums
Other Food Items
Homemade preserves (labeled & dated), frozen fruit (labeled & dated), homebaked products (labeled & dated) garden vegetables, fresh or frozen meat (labeled & dated).
Non-Food Items
Men’s clothing and personal hygiene products, bedding, towels, mugs and cutlery

Donation Logistics

Monday to Saturday 7:00 am to 9:00 pm
– back door of 414 Edmonton Street
– park in back lane by door while unloading
– ring buzzer (high on a silver pad on the red brick wall)
Special Notes
Please phone ahead to 949-9484 ext. 2011 or try Mike at 232-2905 or Jane at 688-7605.

Cannot accept heavily bruised fruit.

Teen Challenge has a freezer and refrigerator for storing perishable food.