Picking apples

We’ve had some great photos coming in of the apple harvests over the past couple weeks – keep them coming! Send all your photos to info@fruitshare.ca.

apples in bag
Photo from the Globe and Mail last month.
Winnipeg apples
Picking apples in St. Vital on August 4.


Manitoba apples
Big tree full of Parkland apples.
St Vital Winnipeg
These Parkland apples are a really nice size for making all kinds of tasty apple dishes.
tall ladder
Some of the trees are really high. It's best NOT to look down when you're climbing that ladder!
apple tree
There's nothing much better than picking apples on a beautiful summer day and taking those apples home to turn into applesauce, apple crisp or any other dish you can think of.

We look forward to seeing your photos!