Meet the Media Team!

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Hello! My name is Hadass Eviatar and I am fortunate to be the new volunteer publisher of this blog. What a privilege! It’s a big job and a big responsibility and I don’t take it lightly. Fortunately I have a wonderful team of volunteers to help me. In alphabetical order, here we are:

Christine TChristine Tuan has a love for food, health and wellness. She is thrilled to be working with the Fruit Share Media Team and is excited to connect with others who are passionate about food. When not volunteering with Fruit Share, she works as a registered dietitian, enjoys fitness and outdoor sports, and plans to expand her new garden this summer!


daynacatfishDayna Kroeker is a foodie, graphic designer, gardener, fisher, camper, and veteran fruit share volunteer. She is the 2013 Fruit Share coordinator, and is excited about connecting more people with the bounty of fruit that Winnipeg fruit trees, bushes and shrubs provide each summer and fall!




thumb-getty-stewartGetty Stewart is passionate about connecting people to their food, their natural environment and their community.  She is the founder of Fruit Share, author of the Prairie Fruit Cookbook, a writer, a speaker and a mom.



Hadass EviatarHadass Eviatar is a blogger, educator, writer and local food enthusiast. She blogs at My Coat of Many Colours and is very excited to be part of the new Fruit Share media team. If you are interested in contributing content to the blog, you can email her.





Pascale RPascale Rocher is a corporate writer and passionate foodie. As a recent Australian immigrant still learning about Prairie fruit, she’s thrilled to be involved with such a fantastic organisation and looks forward to lots of picks this year.





Raelene HRaelene Hall is a wife, mother, and professional who is passionate about music and mead making. She is re-discovering the art of ‘putting up’ using the fruits and vegetables she grows in her garden and picks with Fruit Share. She is excited to be a part of the Fruit Share team, helping others discover and use the treasures growing in their own backyard.