How does Fruit Connect work?

Fruit Connect is an online tool that connects people with too much fruit with people who want to pick fruit.

Both fruit owners and fruit pickers subscribe to Fruit Connect for an annual fee of $10.75.  All paid subscribers may post as many fruit picks or attend as many picks as they’d like. Anyone can become a subscriber – they do not need to have a fruit tree.

Fruit owners create a Pick to promote their fruit by describing what fruit they have available for picking, where the fruit is located and when the fruit is available for picking.  They can set a specific date and time for a pick or they can create a Flexible Pick which allows fruit pickers to contact them to arrange a convenient picking time within a certain time frame.

Fruit pickers can browse all the fruit that is available for picking. They can sort the list of available fruit by fruit type, neighbourhood or date. They can select any of the listings to get more details about a pick. Once they have found a suitable pick, they sign up to attend a pick.

Fruit owners and fruit pickers communicate via email to finalize and confirm pick details.

Once a harvest is done, pickers and fruit owners provide feedback to let Fruit Share know how much fruit was picked and with whom it was shared.