What is a Flexible Pick and How Does it Work?

flexible pick listing
We introduced Flexible picks in 2016 in response to feedback from fruit owners and fruit pickers. Fruit owners told us they don’t care when the fruit gets picked – they just want it picked. And, fruit pickers told us set pick times don’t always offer them enough flexibility.
As a result, we created flexible picks where fruit owners have the opportunity to set a 7 day window of opportunity for pickers to come pick their fruit. For example, in the pick below, the fruit owner has said fruit picking can occur between Tuesday, August 15 and Monday, August 21 between 9 am and 8 pm.
flexible pick fruit owner
On the pick listing this is what the fruit pickers see.
flexible pick listing

Communication is Key to Flexible Picks

When pickers select this pick, it’s important they email the fruit owner to confirm a date and time for picking.  If there are other attendees, they should be contacted as well.
Even, if there are two or three attendees, it’s still possible to coordinate a group pick. Group picks are often more fun and are definitely worth the effort of sending group emails to arrange a date and time that’s suitable for everyone. It’s not always possible, but we think it’s worth a try.
Either fruit owners or fruit pickers can initiate the communication.
You can find email addresses of fruit owners and fruit pickers at the bottom of the pick information.
Our hope is that this method will allow more fruit to be harvested, shared and enjoyed.