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We couldn’t do it without you!

2017 Sponsor

Family Foods Thank You

We’re thrilled that Dakota Family Foods and Portage Avenue Family Foods have come on board as a sponsor for the 2017 season. We love their commitment to supporting local food and local food initiatives.

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We are also grateful for the supporters we’ve had over the years.  Your contribution and support enable us to keep pursuing our goal of ensuring all the fruit in the city is harvested, shared and enjoyed.

CIRA’s Community Investment Program – for giving us the opportunity to build an online tool that makes fruit rescuing more sustainable for groups like ours

The Manitoba Association of Home Economists – for giving us a home and taking care of our accounting and record keeping

 IBEX Payroll – for your ongoing encouragement and letting us use your space, paper, printers and mailroom

Tactica Interactive – for building Fruit Connect and making sure it is well maintained and running smoothly

Salisbury House – for being our pie makers and helping us make our Pie & Cider fundraiser a success each year

Cramptons Market – for being our cider makers and helping us make our Pie & Cider fundraiser a success each year

While we haven’t received funding from the following two organizations in a while, we wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without their support and belief in us.

The Winnipeg Foundation – for believing in us right from the beginning by supporting our start up

Assiniboine Credit Union – for letting us open an account as a small group of volunteers when the big banks wouldn’t have anything to do with us and helping us offer workshops on local fruit

 And a huge thanks to our friends, families and miscellaneous supporters over the years.  Every bit helps, whether it’s buying a pie at our annual Pie & Cider sale, donating prizes, offering free space, coffee or donuts, donating $10, buying a TShirt, offering a free workshop or donating homemade jam.  Thank You!

8 thoughts on “Funders + Community Partners

  1. We are starting up a Breakfast, Snack and Motion Program at Earl Grey Community Centre. For the months of April-June, we will begin our 5 day/week program feeding 25 kids for breakfast and 60 for snack. We intend on continuing through the follow school year. How would we go about partnering with Fruit Share to get fresh fruit for our students?

    1. Thanks for touching base with us. We offer our volunteers a list of organizations that are willing to accept fresh picked fruit. You can email us and we’ll send you a form that lists all the info we need for our volunteers. Our volunteers decide with whom they share the fruit the day that they pick the fruit. There most likely wouldn’t be any fruit in the April to June time period – unless you’re interested in rhubarb. In the fall, there is the potential for some apples.

  2. Are there people who would like to pick? I have a tree of HI 12 pie apples that are falling by the day. I don’t have time to pick that tree but could donate the pickings to pickers.

    1. There probably are people interested in picking! You can register on Fruit Connect and subscribe for your a membership to share this opportunity with Fruit Pickers. Find details for signing up for your membership here:

      Once you have your membership, you can advertise your fruit tree for picking on the Fruit Connect system for the dates you think/know it will be ready for harvesting. Other members who are fruit pickers can then sign up to pick your tree if they are interested.

  3. Can come to your St. Boniface area via bus transit
    when you request as a volunteer for the organization.
    Retired, stay home can accommodate your hours.

    I chose to do this volunteer to enjoy my summer
    and help the community in need.. This will be my
    3rd year as vltr.

    It’s hard work, but I take my time while respecting your
    private property.

    1. Hi Lea!
      You’re awesome! Thanks so much for being such a dedicated fruit picking volunteer. We love that you’re picking fruit to stay active and help your community!

  4. Friday went rhubard picking in st. james area, so proud of the driver who
    brought me along. The property owner was such a nice person
    and surprising enough just a small bag of rhubard went a long way.

    Of course can’t help but be clumsy and fell on my but onto the wet ground
    you can imagine what great mess I brought home.. lol

    But it gave me plenty for the season.
    Thank you to the owner for allowing us on her property.

    1. Glad to hear you had a great harvest, Lea. Too bad about slipping on the wet ground, glad you can chuckle about it.

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