The Magic of Fruit Share

The other day, I was asked “What’s the magic ingredient of Fruit Share?”   You may think that Fruit Share’s success is due to the  fruit we harvest, but I`ve experienced that it`s about so much more than just fruit.

The magic of Fruit Share comes from the fact that everyone involved gets to experience the sense of satisfaction, connectedness and happiness that comes from sharing.  It makes people feel good to share their surplus fruit, to help a neighbour, to harvest a tree, and to literally share the fruits of their labour.   It just feels good to know you`re doing something that connects you to others and makes them happy.

And now, we have one more partner that is interested in sharing their gift with us.  Brent Toderash and his team from have offered to to help us create a more effective and efficient harvest scheduling system.  This behind the scene work may seem boring or superfluous to some – but to those of us who volunteered our time to coordinate 200 volunteers to pick 7,300 lbs of fruit last year – it’s nothing short of a miracle!  Thank you!

We`re excited to partner with private companies like Webriggers who support our efforts and share their talents to make our work easier – the magic of Fruit Share!