Vegetable Harvest at Poco-Razz Farm

Thank you to Jim and Christina Shapiro at Poco Razz Farm for listing their vegetables on Fruit Connect once again this fall.  On the Saturday of the Thanksgiving weekend about 18 Fruit Share pickers met up at the Poco-Razz U-Pick garden to clean up and harvest the last of the veggies. Young and old, everyone pitched in to strip the garden and share in the bounty.

Jim (that’s him on the garden tractor) got us plucking, pulling and digging right away.

We picked mountains of beets, corn, cucumbers, pumpkins, various types of squash, potatoes, tomatoes and even a few carrots.

Once the picking and cleaning were done it was time to divvy up the load.

Everyone went home with a full load to enjoy and share with others.

Several car loads were also shared with Siloam Mission and other charities on our list.

In the end, we harvested well over 800 lbs of food. Jim, the garden owner was happy to have help clearing his garden and seeing his veggies being put to good use. The pickers were thrilled with the fresh, local veggies they got to take home and the charities we donated produce to were happy to receive fresh produce to share with their clients. We call that a WIN-WIN-WIN and it’s why we love what we do.

Thanks to all those who attended this pick. It was great to meet you and work with you all.  Can’t wait to do it all again next year!