Fruit Tree & Bush Maintenance Workshop – Sunday October 21

Sunday, October 21st will be a busy day for Fruit Share in West Broadway!

At 1 PM is our season wrap up party at Art City, where we will be making art in the form of a new banner for Fruit Share.

At 3 PM we are putting on a workshop on Fruit Tree and Bush Maintenance, in partnership with West Broadway Development Corporation, which will be taking place in a couple of their community gardens.  Fruit Share homeowners and volunteers are welcome to attend this workshop, which will be taught by certified arborist Ryan Dutchak and cover topics such as pruning techniques for grape vines, fruit bushes and apple trees. We will meet at 3 PM in the Spirit Park Garden (200 Young St.) and later we will also visit the Broadway Neighborhood Centre garden. For more information, or to register, please call Stephanie at West Broadway at (204)774-7201 x 4.

A well pruned tree is not only healthier, but also helps volunteers get as much of the fruit as possible.