Fruit for a healthy child

Fruit is a wonderful way to give your children a nutritious boost. Containing healthy antioxidants to prevent disease, as well as other nutrients to promote heart health and preserve eyesight, fruit is a delicious way to maintain a health mind and body.

winnipeg fruit

The naturally-occurring sugars in fruit make it a sweet treat for any child. Try the following strategies to increase their fruit intake and decrease their intake of added (unhealthy) sugars:

– Add frozen fruit to a morning smoothie.

– Mix fresh berries into plain, unsweetened yogurt.

– Top cereal and oatmeal with freshly-cut fruit instead of heaping spoonfuls of sugar.

– Make your own “fruit roll-ups” at home by dehydrating fruit into strips.

– Add chopped apples or strawberries to a salad.

– Use unsweetened applesauce in a peanut butter sandwich instead of sugary jam.

– Have fruit for dessert instead of cookies.

– Toss a handful of local fruit into your muffin batter before baking.

What do you do to incorporate fruit into your child’s diet? Share in the comments section below!