Winter Work

The fruit trees may be dormant for the winter, but we’re not!

Behind the scenes there’s a flurry of activity going on.  We’re working on funding for next year, improved systems, figuring out what to do with all those crab apples and brainstorming how to help other communities rescue their fruit.  Lucky for us, we have some great organizations helping.

Thanks to a group of students from the Entrepreneurship Practicum course at Red River College we’re conducting a survey of how things went last summer which will feed into improvements for next year.  They’ll also do some research to help us become more financially sustainable.

Thanks to the United Way and the Handshake’s Goodwork event we’re working on a volunteer recruitment campaign to help us recruit more pickers next summer.

And thanks to our Advisory Team we’re writing funding proposals, developing presentations, and planning for next year.

Once in a while, we stop to enjoy the fruits of our labour!

Here’s a tasty Rhubarb Oat Bar recipe for those of you who have some frozen rhubarb in your freezer.