Fruit Share Receives Manitoba Sustainability Award

Congratulations Fruit Share volunteers and fruit owners on earning a Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Award!

Fruit Share Sustainability Award 2013
Fruit Share Advisory Team Members Laura Rawluk, Katie Anderson and Getty Stewart accept award from Minister Gord Mackintosh. Source Tracey Goncalves, Government of Manitoba Photographer.

The Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Awards are given out each year to recognize Manitobans who embrace the spirit and principles of sustainable development. Fruit Share earned it’s award for Sustainability in Pollution Prevention and Product Stewardship, one of seven award categories.

During the nomination process, we received several amazing letters of support from organizations that we greatly admire. I wanted to share some of their words with you today, so that you get a sense of how much your work as a Fruit Share volunteer or fruit owner is appreciated.

“We believe Fruit Share has a strong and clear mandate that is community-led and beneficial for building knowledge, networks, and capacity in local people around sustainable food economies. They are minimizing food waste, contributing to stronger local food accessibility, teaching food preparation and preservation, and building a network of volunteers. For this holistic, community-based effort towards saving precious food resources, we believe they deserve recognition for excellence in sustainability.”


“By sharing fruit with the pickers, the homeowner, and with a community organization, Fruit Share shares the bounty of the harvest with both individuals and organizations that need it. This increases access to healthy food, and ensures that their work contributes not only to environmental sustainability but also to vibrant, healthy communities.”

Food Matters

“Fruit Share provides an alternative for folks looking to eat more locally and sustainably — at least when it comes to fruit. They encourage everyone and anyone to participate, educate participants on how to use and preserve fruit, and share much of it with community organizations such as food banks and soup kitchens in dire need of fresh produce. By simultaneously reducing waste and addressing socio-economic inequities in this manner, Fruit Share is a true expression of the principles of sustainable development.”

Sustainable South Osborne Community Cooperative

A big thank you and congratulations to all of you who make it all happen!