Cosmetic Pesticide Ban

The provincial government is looking at potentially banning the sale and use of chemicals to maintain the appearance of lawns and gardens and one of our Fruit Share volunteers has been involved in gathering support for such a ban. Because we know many of our volunteers and homeowners feel the same way, we wanted to share some more information with you on the subject. Here is some background information on the ban:

Pesticides are seriously harmful to our heath, to our children, to our pets, and to our environment. There are many natural and safe alternatives for dealing with weeds in lawns and gardens.

Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba supports legislation that:

  • Prohibits the use, sale and retail display of chemical pesticides for lawns, gardens and non-agricultural landscaping, including by licensed operators;
  • Is comprehensive in the number of pesticides included under the ban, including new chemicals as they are developed.
  • Provides for public education about the ban and alternatives to chemical pesticides;
  • Includes effective mechanisms for enforcement
  • Is passed in 2012 and takes effect by the spring of 2013

Cosmetic pesticide use is a public health Issue, particularly for children

  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer and the US National Toxicology Program state that some pesticides can cause cancer
  • The Pesticides Literature Review conducted by the Ontario College of Family Physicians, showed “consistent links to serious illnesses, such as cancer, reproductive problems and neurological diseases.”
  • Children are at a greater risk from pesticide exposure than adults because they are closer to the ground and their bodies are still developing.
  • Cancer survivors, people suffering from asthma, chemical sensitivities or other health conditions may also be at greater risk from pesticides.
  • The notion that pesticide use is an individual matter is scientifically incorrect.
  • Once dispersed, pesticides affect non-target plant, animal and human health in our shared environment.

The provincial Play It Safe document outlines why a cosmetic pesticide ban is being considered. Go to this website before October 1, 2012 to share your opinion:

The Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba group is asking you to let the government know if you support a cosmetic pesticide ban in Manitoba. They need to hear from as many people as possible. There is a strong lobby from the industry against the proposed legislation.  To express your support of the ban, visit the group’s website, like and share the cosmetic pesticide ban Facebook page, and sign the petition.