Apple chutney workshop

Earlier this week, Mary Jane taught some Fruit Share volunteers how to make apple chutney! It was a really fun workshop, and after the chutney had been cooked, everyone took part in the canning process and learned about how to properly seal jars. Between two recipes – regular apple chutney and ginger apple chutney – we produced around 50 jars of chutney in total! We’ll be posting the two chutney recipes over the next couple weeks.

big pot
After we mixed all ingredients together and they were well-cooked, we used a special funnel to transfer our chutney from the enormous pots on the stove into the canning jars.
making apple chutney
Then, we used a tool to squish the chutney in the jar to ensure that there were no little air pockets or bubbles.
canning tongs
Next, the filled jars were placed in a special canning pot so that the lids would seal properly.
jars of chutney
We set the jars to cool and dry off on a towel. Mmmmm apple chutney!
There was a lot of compost after we had peeled, chopped and diced our ingredients! And just look at that big beautiful bowl of apples in the background.

Now to decide what to do with all that chutney! What’s your favourite recipe using chutney?

Thank you to Mary Jane for facilitating a fun and educational workshop! She is facilitating the next two workshops, one which will feature apple butter and fruit leather, and the other which will feature pumpkins. Please contact for more information or if you would like to sign up for either of those fruit preserving workshops.