Where, When and How To Donate Backyard Fruit

You’re in the sharing spirit.  You have fresh fruits or veggies you’d like to donate.

There’s just one problem, you’re not sure where, when, how and to whom to donate your fruit.

Problem solved.  Here is a handy, dandy reference listing nine Winnipeg organizations that will accept fresh fruit and vegetable donations.  Included in this document are all the logistical details you’ll need to know right from where to park to which door to enter.

Sharing the Harvest: When, Where and How to Donate Fruit 

And here’s a map showing organizations in Winnipeg accepting fruit.

But don’t forget to consider some of the other groups and individuals that might exist in your neighbourhood.  Perhaps there’s a seniors’ centre nearby, a garden club or a neighbourhood group that would welcome a fruit donation for a specific program or event.

These resources were developed as part of the Guide to Backyard Fruit funded by the Manitoba Alternative Food Research Alliance(MAFRA) and the Canadian Home Economics Foundation (CHEF).  For future reference they will be listed in the top right corner of this website under “Guide to Backyard Fruit”.

Thanks for sharing!