Communal ladder now available for Fruit Share volunteers

We are delighted to announce that we now have two fruit pickers and an easy-to-transport collapsible extension ladder available for all Fruit Share volunteers to use on their picks.


Winnipeg ladder
Be careful when climbing up high!

While most of our homeowners have equipment at their houses already, there are a few who do not. There are also other issues that arise, such as the tree being too tall for the homeowner’s ladder to reach up to the top, or that there are several volunteers at a pick and they have to share just one ladder.

We’d like to eliminate as much frustration as possible for our volunteers, which is why we think that a ladder and fruit pickers will be really useful as the season continues. The ladder fits inside a small car, making it much simpler to transport that a ladder that you’d have to strap to your roof.

Please contact your neighbourhood team leader to ask for all the details on how you can access the ladder and fruit pickers!