How to Get Pick Notices in Your Inbox

Getting an email with new picks posted on Fruit Connect is one of the best features of a full paid subscription to Fruit Connect.  Within 24 hours of someone posting new fruit, a no-reply email called NEW PICKS ON FRUIT CONNECT is sent to all paid subscribers who have indicated they’d like to receive such notifications.

To get notices of new picks in your inbox, here’s what to do:

  1. Sign up to Fruit Connect.2. Become a fully subscribed member. That means you have to pay your annual $10.75 membership fee.

3. Ensure you have checked the box on the first page of your account set up to give the system permission to send you email notices.

4. Watch your inbox for notices. Check your spam folder for an email from


How Many Emails Will I Get?

You’ll only get an email when new fruit is added to the system. The system aggregates new picks and will only send one New Pick notice per day. If more than one fruit was added to the list within that 24 hour period, you’ll see them all in one email. That’s good news for your inbox!

You can expect an email once every other day during the height of apple season in August and early September.

Emails are sent early the following morning – so check your inbox first thing in the morning.

Can I Stop Notifications?

You can turn the notification to receive New Pick notices on or off at anytime. Just log in, go to your account page and uncheck the box for notifications.

Perfect if you’re going on holidays or you’ve picked enough fruit for the season.

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