The 2011 Great Apple Peel Off

The South Osborne Biz Street Festival was home to Fruit Share’s Great Apple Peel Off this weekend.  Visitors got a chance to taste delicious Manitoba Goodland apples.  But first they had to demonstrate their skill at peeling, slicing and coring their apple.  Our handy dandy apple peelers (from Lee Valley) allowed even the youngest apple lovers to peel their own apples.  Check out some of our photos.

all set up and ready to go
dressing up is so much fun
2 year old Veronica show's how it's done
clowning around
Michelle and Cassidy loved their "slinky apples"
MacLean, Connor, Laura and Graham head to head in a race between brothers and sister
Heather and Kerri take on local candidate Ian Rabb

Close to 200 visitors participated in the Great Apple Peel Off of 2011. Thanks for stopping by and supporting Fruit Share!