Rescuing & Sharing Fruit Across Canada

Canadian fruit rescuing groups

I’m excited to see that all across Manitoba and Canada, fruit-rescuing organizations like Fruit Share are popping up. While each may be operated slightly different, the goal of rescuing and sharing fruit is pretty much the same.

The combined efforts of these organizations is more fruit for those who love and need it, and less waste and mess for those who have too much of it – a win/win/win.

Our friends at Hidden Harvest Ottawa have put together this chart of established fruit-rescuing groups across Canada. We’ve added a Manitoba segment and added it to the top of the list to showcase the communities that are setting up their own fruit-rescuing programs.

If your community isn’t on the list, don’t give up! Call a local organization involved in healthy living, food security, or sustainability to inquire about anyone who may already be rescuing fruit. Or, consider starting your own fruit-rescuing group with the help of Fruit Share Manitoba’s guide to starting your own Fruit Share.


Whatever way you get local fruit this summer, I hope you enjoy every mouth-watering bite!