Get Your Own Cider Press – Special Offer

You know what they say – “when life hands you apples – make apple cider”!

Of course, to make apple cider you need an apple press.  And lucky for you, you can now own your very own, homemade cider press for only $75! And the good news is – you don’t even have to build it.

Darby Jones, one of our great Fruit Share Volunteers has offered his services to build a custom made cider press for the first 5 people to sign up!  All you pay is $75 for the raw materials and Darby will build you your very own cider press.  For an additional $25 he’ll even deliver it to your doorstep.

Not only will you get an awesome cider press sure to make you the envy of your neighbourhood, but you’ll also be supporting Fruit Share.  Darby is offering his services free of charge!  All proceeds will go directly to help support the programs of Fruit Share (except for the $25 delivery charge).

This is what you’ll be getting – a wooden, homemade cider press with 4 press plates, a hydraulic jack, a spigot, a catch basin and an adjustable wood frame.   It will be built following the instructions found on the DIY page of this website.To get a first hand look at what this cider press looks like and to taste a sample of fresh pressed apple cider join us on Saturday, February 25 at 1:45 in the Oxford Room (M) for our session called “Bushels of Apples”.

If you’re interested in this spectacular offer, email  Hurry, only the first 5 people are eligible for this offer.