The Neighbourhood is Blooming

Nanking Cherry Bush
Spring blossoms are such a beautiful and promising sight.  I can’t help but imagine the wonderful fresh fruit, juice, jellies, syrups, pies and sauces that will await us this summer and fall.
It took us a while to pinpoint exactly what kind of cherry we had growing in our back yard.  All we knew was that they were delectable little cherries that the birds love as much as we do.  Finally, after a little online research we confirmed we have two nanking cherry bushes.  
After giving our bushes a little more space and some thorough pruning, we now get a lot of little cherries.  Last year, we had enough to make jelly to last two families all winter long.  That’s not considering all the ones we ate right off the bush and the ones we used for making sauce for our special Nanking Sundaes.
Mmm!  I can’t wait for this year’s harvest.  If the blossoms and the buzzing of bees are any indication, it’ll be a good year for nankings.
What’s blooming in your back yard?
By Getty Stewart