A Fruit Share Harvest

rhubarb pick

Hope you enjoy this picture tour of a Fruit Share harvest.

Gather supplies, wear proper footwear and ensure proper sun protection.

Make your way to the pick site in style!

Begin the harvest.

Chop off leaves and compost whatever needs composting – either at the homeowners (with permission) or at home.

Have fun!

Get to know and enjoy the company of your fellow pickers.

Combine all the fruit, estimate the amount and decide how to split it and where to take the donation. We had 115 pounds!

Thank all those involved.  In this case, thanks to Melissa (black t-shirt in photo) for sharing her rhubarb and inviting us into her yard.  Thanks also to Sheila, Monika, Katie, Summer and Sagan for picking all that rhubarb!  This particular pick was dedicated to the advisory team volunteers who have been meeting in board rooms, kitchens and living rooms all winter to plan for the continued success of Fruit Share.  They have worked long and hard for this rhubarb!

Divide and pack up the bounty.

Donate 1/3 to a charity.  This is the kitchen at Siloam Mission.

Enjoy the fruits of your labour!