Be on time.

It’s so much nicer to work on the fruit together! Please communicate with the others prior to the pick if your availability has changed.

Bring All Necessary Equipment.

Read what the fruit owner suggests and the description of the fruit & pick so you know what you should bring.  The FAQ section has info on this too.

What should I bring to a pick?

Unless the fruit owner has specifically indicated they have picking equipment for you to use, you are expected to bring everything you need to pick the fruit safely and effectively.

For a fruit tree you’ll need:

  • 1 ladder or fruit picker per volunteer
  • 1-2 tarps (These are great for catching any fruit that will accidentally drop while you’re picking.)
  • Boxes or bags for any compost or waste material
  • Buckets, bags or containers for fruit, including some for fruit you’ll share with a community group
  • 1 rake for clean up
  • Gloves if you like ’em

For a rhubarb or grapes you’ll need:

  • 1 sharp knife, scissors or garden snips per volunteer
  • Pails/boxes for the compost and the fruit

It’s up to you to arrive with the proper picking equipment. Contact friends, family or other pickers attending the pick to make arrangements for picking equipment and transporting it.

When on site

  • Ensure the fruit is harvested and shared safely and respectfully.
  • Bring all your necessary equipment.
  • Be safe! No fruit is worth risking injury.
  • Don’t pick in an electrical storm. Rain picking is up to you.
  • Always be respectful of the fruit owner’s property and the instructions they provide for the harvest.
  • Clean up!
  • Compost what’s not edible
  • Deliver 1/3 of fruit to a community organization of your choosing within 24 hours
  • Weigh (or approximate) the total amount of fruit collected in pounds.
  • Provide feedback on the pick information form on Fruit Connect – there are only 2 questions!
  • Take a photo if possible and submit to
  • Leave the site as neat or neater than before you arrived.
  • Thank the homeowner personally or leave a Thank You note.

Safety Considerations

Remember – Fruit Share has not seen or inspected the site.

  • Do NOT climb the trees.
  • Do NOT climb on fences, garages, sheds or other objects on the fruit owners property (or their neighbours’).
  • Do NOT shake trees.
  • Do pick in light rain. Sing.
  • Do NOT pick when there is lightening or thunder.
  • Be cautious of slippery surfaces (i.e. ladders rungs, tree branches). Fruit Share does not provide ladders.
  • Do NOT pick if you feel unsafe for any reason!

Reminder for fruit owners: We are extremely proud of our volunteers and the care and respect they show fruit owners’ property and fruit.  We also care about them a great deal and instruct them to be safe and avoid taking unnecessary risks.  Please understand that sometimes, this means that parts of a fruit tree may not be able to be picked (e.g. if the fruit hangs over a delicate structure or the fruit is higher than can be safely reached with a ladder, etc.).