Fruit Share propaganda

Thank You! Help us spread the word about Fruit Share


Thank the fruit owner with a signed Thank you note (or make your own!)

Print one out before each pick. Leave it for the homeowner who shared their fruit with you. Just print + cut.

Apple stamp Thank You.

thank you note

Old school picking Thank you.

Black+white. An apple a day… Thank you.

Let the local community group know where the fruit came from

When donating 1/3 of the fruit to a local community group, let them know where the fruit came from. Print this “Compliments of Fruit Share” note card.

Mailbox Stuffers

See some fruit just waiting to be picked by Fruit Share? Stuff one of these fellas in their mailbox!

Just print + cut.

Classic flowers. Got Fruit?

Old School Picking. Got Fruit?

Picking letter (written by Fruit Share volunteer, Valerie).


Bulletin Poster
If you know of a great place to pin a poster or share a handout about Fruit Share (community club, church, grocery store, coffee shop, day care, etc.)  here’s 2 colourful posters that will do the job. 1 | 2

Here’s a WANTED poster for Rhubarb.

Newsletter Insert

Here’s an article about Fruit Share you can submit to your community newsletter, church group, community group, or any other place looking for interesting stories.