Winnipeg has plenty of gorgeous crab apple trees. The problem that many people seem to have is, what can you do with crab apples?

winnipeg apples
Crab apples are so beautiful.

One of our volunteers has kindly shared a favourite recipe for how she uses crab apples. Carrie got the recipe from her friend years ago and although she doesn’t follow any exact rules, it goes a little something like this:

A full stock pot of washed apples (sliced or whole), sprinkle with a tbsp cream of tartar and cover with boiling water. Let sit 24 hrs and strain, boil the juice, sweeten to taste and seal in sterilized jars. I don’t have a real recipe, but found a few after a Google search like this one! Very easy!

Please share your crab apple recipes with us – we’d love to try them out!

cooking with apples
Nothing like a cold glass of freshly-made apple juice on a hot summer day.

4 thoughts on “Crab apple juice recipe

  1. I have a similar recipe, in large proportions:

    Put 12 qts water to boil. Add 12 qts of halved crab apples. Once water is boiling, add 2/3 c. Cream of Tartar. Stir in, take off heat. Let sit 24 hours and strain through cheesecloth. Freeze, or (if canning) boil 5 minutes and hot-pack into sterilized jars. Process 10 minutes in boiling water canner.

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