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This was the first batch, in which the oats were the base and the chocolatey applesauce went on top. They look cute with an oaty base, but they hold together much better when the oats are mixed into the applesauce!


– ½ cup applesauce

– ½ cup oats

– 2 tbsp cocoa powder

– 2 tbsp honey

– ½ tsp cinnamon


Combine all ingredients into a bowl. Drop by spoonfuls onto the dehydrator tray and dehydrate for about 10 hours, flipping partway through. Makes 6 – 8 cookies.

5 thoughts on “Chocolate applesauce cookies

    1. You can try having a really low temperature on the oven (I think the lowest it gets is about 175 degrees?), and I would say check them after an hour to see how they’re doing to gauge how long they might take.

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