What is a Flexible Pick?

A flexible pick is selected by fruit owners when they want to give fruit pickers a 1-7 day period to pick fruit rather than setting one specific date and time.

In order for flexible picks to work, fruit pickers and fruit owner must email everyone involved to confirm who’s picking when, how much and how fruit gets shared. For example Picker 1 picks half the apple tree on Tuesday at 10 am, Picker 2 picks the other half on Wednesday at 7 pm. The fruit owner and both pickers have agreed that each picker will leave a bag of apples for the fruit owner and share 1/3 of their take home apples with a community group of their choice.

While it does require more coordination and communication by everyone involved, we hope that greater flexibility means more fruit gets rescued.

Here’s what fruit owners see when they create a flexible pick.

flexible pick fruit owner

Here’s what a flexible pick looks like in the pick list.

flexible pick listing