Do pickers need to clean the yard when picking fruit?

You certainly don’t need to clean the whole yard, but it’s a really, really good idea to clean up in and around where you’ll be picking fruit.  It’s actually for your benefit, really! If you rake up debris and old apples that have already fallen, you’ll have a clean surface below for the newly fallen (and perfectly good) apples. Many volunteers clean up and then lay a tarp or sheet down to catch the good apples that inevitably fall during a pick.

It’s also common courtesy to pick up any debris or leaves that may have fallen during a pick.

Place compost material in a bag, box or pile neatly to one side or in a fruit owner provided compost bin. If you have access to another compost bin and can take the compost with you – even better.

Fruit owners should not expect fruit pickers to clean eaves troughs or parts of the yard that are not directly related to the fruit pick.

The goal is to build good relationships and keep everyone happy so that fruit will get posted and picked every year.